Saturday, February 11, 2012

WTF, Lilo?

I've gotten to the age where reality has hit. My childhood dreams of being a movie star are probably not going to come true.

Mostly because I haven't pursued acting or modeling and honestly, would rather write a witty blog post than memorize an entire script of dialogue.

But still, no paparazzi?! No million dollar mansion in Beverly Hills?! No Jake Gyllenhaal beaming next to me on the red carpet?!


It kind of sucks to just KNOW the fantasy is over.

Well, there are a handful of girls who are lucky enough to have my fantasy as their reality.

They are actresses. They are beautiful. They throw parties in their Malibu dream homes.

But some of them throw it all away. Like, they have everything right at their fingertips and they don't give a damn. They treat life like garbage. They focus on drugs or alcohol or sleeping with one-hit-wonders. Um, ew.

One of those starlets is Lindsay Lohan.

Remember this girl?

Let's face it, Lilo has been a fuck up for a very long time. But several years ago, her life seemed so promising.

She was beautiful. She was a great comedic and dramatic actress. She looked cute, no matter what hair color she chose for the week: red, blonde, or black.

But after years of being tabloid trash for her illegal shenanigans and sloppy drunken behavior, she has become an ugly version of herself.

Remember the rotten teeth incident? How does someone not understand the importance of brushing?!

And I'm sure you've all seen these recent photos:

She attended a charity gala last week looking haggard and washed out. She even tried to charm a businessman into buying her a $20,000 watch as a present, and he not only said no, he laughed at her. (The former charming, gorgeous Lindsay from several years ago probably would have gotten the watch from a number of guys, without even having to ask).

Why do starlets like Lindsay waste their beauty, fame, and talent? I simply cannot comprehend it.

These girls are given all the ingredients to a fabulous life and they throw it away.

What do you think?

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