Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Bowels Sunday

It's that time of year again, where millions of people in the United States turn a football game into a national holiday.

We drink beer. Laugh at stupid commercials.

And the food. Oh god, the food.

Well, believe it or not, some people take Super Bowl food too freaking far. Like, they don't realize the difference between pigging out and genuinely eating like a pig, on a farm.

Here are ten horrifyingly REAL Super Bowl foods that will make you squirm.

Frank's hot sauce and chicken cake, with a blue cheese butter cream frosting. If you ever want to know what it's like to eat out of a dumpster, making this recipe is your chance.

Cheeto marshmallow treats. I'm not kidding.

Can't decide between pizza and burgers this Super Bowl Sunday?

Yes, this is a mug made out of bacon, filled with cheddar cheese. No, I don't have any explanation for it.

Hoping to cash in on the garbage-can food movement, Betty Crocker created a recipe for bacon and beer mancakes, which are basically pancakes made out of...well, yeah.

For some reason, the recipe for peanut butter and jelly chicken wings is immensely popular this time of year. And, of course, don't forget the Frank's hot sauce to go with it. Otherwise you're a pussy.

As if White Castle burgers weren't disgusting enough, the company had to create a White Castle dip recipe, which can be found on their website. (I'm not linking it. I refuse.) It calls for ten White Castle burgers, a btcket of cream cheese, a tub of mustard, and onions. Bon appetit!

Bacon inside of sausage. I'm a meat lover, but even looking at this photo makes me cringe. I feel like it needs to be poked with a stick, before consumption, just to make sure, you know, it's not still alive.

What's sad is that a person actually made this sandwich salad thing. And you know it took a reaaaaaally long time.

This 35-pound creation, titled the Big Dirty Manningwich, is a sandwich consisting of brisket, pulled pork, sloppy joe, bacon, and clam chowddr. Perhaps you would like a keg of beer to help wash it down? I thought not.

What do you think of these Super Bowl food disasters? Would you make any of them?!

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