Thursday, December 8, 2011

You know you're a fashion blogger if...

15. You have a boyfriend, husband, or mother who is sick of taking your photo.

14. You know what color-blocking means.

13. Almost every single clothing item or accessory you own has been displayed on the internet, at least once.

12. "Fabulous" and "gorgeous" and "amazing" are the most commonly used words in your vocabulary.

11. You accidentally sign an e-mail with “xoxo”… to your boss.

10. You know what random girls around the world have been wearing every single day for two years, but you still don’t know their last names.

9. You don’t think #10 is weird.

8. You have lied and said you liked a blogger’s outfit, even though you thought it was crap.

7. You have kindly written “nice post!” on someone’s blog even though the post was written in foreign language, and pretty much could have been political propaganda demanding you to join the Communist Party.

6. You are personally insulted if someone stops following you, and then you spend too much time trying to figure out who it was and why they left.

5. Most of your followers are girls under the age of 25.

4. You display the contents of your purse to strangers. And they actually care.

3. If you ever decide to travel abroad, you most likely have at least one contact in every country.

2. You have received the same blog award, at least three times.

1. You’re smiling because you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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