Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Random Shit

Thanks for the Merry Christmases and Happy Birthdays.

I wish I could say things are better.

But life still sucks!

Yes, that's me. Courtesy of the boyfriend. And it's exactly how I feel lately. Like a floating head in a red sea of doom. I'm reeeeally hoping things are going to be better for me in the new year. But I've said that twice already on this blog the past two new years, and it's become a bit of a joke statement.

Har, har.

Things will get better on this blog, at least. So that's good news, right? I actually have a list of posts just waiting to be created. The topics are endless, my time is not. Blurg.

I have a new pet. It is my first pet since Moses, the canary I had to eventually give to my mother.

Moses sang so fucking loud, it was getting out of control. Like, I would be driving into the parking lot of the apartment complex and I could hear him wailing away. And he loved to compete with Rian's guitar playing, which didn't go over well. We started putting Moses in the closet to shut him up, but that didn't work either. So my mom took him in.

Anyway, this new pet doesn't make a peep!

My friend and I share joint custody over this betta fish, Mr. Sakana. Craig had him for the summer and fall months. Now it's my shift.

Like most children from broken homes, Mr. Sakana is stressed out and frustrated by the change. He swims around furiously, glaring at me and ignoring his new step-father, Rian. But that's life. We can't choose our family.

I wish I had more exciting news to share. Or, at least something way cooler than bragging about a fish.

Oh well.

I hope you're having a good week!

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