Friday, December 16, 2011

Update: Fat Tabby

Back in June I did a post about a fat old tabby cat.

When his owners got divorced, neither one of them wanted to keep him. They ended up dumping him into a cat rescue shelter, where he sat in a tiny cage all day, every day for almost a year.

During my daily walk, which runs past this shelter, I would always see him hunched over in his tiny cage, by the front window. It broke my heart.

Well, ladies and gents, I’m pleased to announce that the fat tabby has been adopted!

Apparently some little old lady decided he was a perfect companion and picked him up last week!

In his cage is now a kitten, who will no doubt he adopted shortly as well. (The kittens are always the first to find homes).

Well, anyway, I was really touched that this tabby got adopted during the holiday season. Perhaps it was a Christmas miracle?

I hope he’s happy!

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