Thursday, October 13, 2011

My long ass week

Well, I had my drink last night. And then I had four more.

And now I'm suffering from a massive hangover.

This week has been one of those "shitfuckdamn" kind of weeks.

On Tuesday, my mom found herself in a car accident. She's fine, but I'm shaking with anger because of what is happening now.

My mom is a meek driver, which satisfies me because it means I don't have to worry about her alone on the road. On Tuesday morning she was appropriately driving 20 miles per hour in a construction zone when another car sideswiped her. They pulled over on the side of the road. The damage was minimal, which was lucky considering my mom's car is brand new. My mom's side door was slightly caved in, and the other woman's car, a 1994 Toyota Corolla, only got a few scratches on the driver's door.

The woman told my mom that my mom tried to pass her and then hit her. My mom was extremely confused because she was driving 20 miles per hour, straight in her lane, surrounded by traffic cones. Not only was it impossible for any car to pass another on the street, my mom knows for a fact she didn't pass anyone. She's not that type of driver. My mom called the police, but the police refused to come out to the scene. Apparently my city is filled with such extreme amounts of crime that the police don't have time to report to fender benders.

So, my mom exchanged insurance information with the woman, and then went to the nearby police station to fill out a report.

A couple hours later, this woman called my mom and said the right side of her body hurt. She said she was going to need medical attention because of the accident. Another hour later, she called my mom again to tell her that for the next few months, she was going to keep an eye on any other aches and pains that might be from the accident. She called my mom two more times after that, but I didn't let my mom answer her calls anymore. She didn't leave messages.

My mom spent all day Tuesday and all day yesterday worried sick about the accident. My mom knows this woman is lying and it's really bothering her. My mom is very sweet and she thinks everyone is a good person and she believes nobody would ever want to hurt anyone else, so she's very overwhelmed.

The icing on the cake came this morning, when my mom called upset. The other woman's insurance company had called her to say that the other woman had told them the police had been on the scene Tuesday morning and they had told my mom the accident was her fault.

Ummm. What?

My mom quickly told them that was a lie. She explained that the police did not show up to the accident. The police, of course, called the insurance company and verified my mom's story. The insurance company was stunned. They were perturbed their client would lie to them. But they still need to determine fault, since their client is also adamantly claiming my mom passed her on the street, causing the accident.

So now, hangover and all, I have to drive my mother out to the scene and take photos of all the construction, just to prove there was no way my mom, or any other car, could pass another car in that mess.

It's going to be a FUN DAY!

Oh, and there's MORE!

Yesterday, my dad was driving in the parking lot of a grocery store when a woman in an SUV plummeted into him because she was texting. He's fine, and the woman was mortified. She immediately called her insurance company to admit fault and she's very concerned about my father's well-being. So complete opposite of the other incident.

And now I'm really worried to drive because...well shit, am I next?

And finally, I'm without a computer. My laptop broke yesterday and my parent's computer broke down Tuesday. And my dad's friend who fixes them for free is on a two-week cruise right now. Which means that any time I want to use a computer, I have to use my boyfriend's. So my internet access is extremely limited right now.

Anyway. That's my week so far.

If you read this entire post, you just earned the Awesome Award. Congratulations, kid. You deserve it.

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