Monday, September 19, 2011

A look at: Amberie

I'm really excited because my bloggy bff has just launched her jewelery store online!

Many of you probably know Amber from Amber's Mouthwash. She's an adorable quirky beauty with the cutest style in the world. I seriously want to own everything in her closet!

Amber recently launched Amberie, a collection of drool worthy jewelry and headbands.

I had the honor of interviewing Amber, so you all could get the head's up on her new store and learn a little about the artist herself!


How long have you been designing jewelery/accessories? Why did you start?
My mother would probably want me to say that I have been designing things for a while. However, I really began focusing on designing accessories in late 2008. It was the Fall '09 DVF collection that got me started. I was in love with the pom pom like head pieces and was determined to create something similar. When her spring collection came out the following season, I nearly died. That's when I decided to create my own floral headpiece. At that time however, it was because I loved it, and simply wanted to share in the beauty.

How would you describe your collection?
Urban woodland nymph, trying to take on a more polished outlook...but keeps slipping? Kidding! I'd say an innocent 1970's is Amberie's look. Definitely girly.

Where do you find your inspiration?
My first inspiration came out of pure panic, actually. I was on a layover in Heathrow, flying from Nice, France and on my way back to San Francisco. It was September 2009. I had moved out to France just three weeks prior with big dreams. I had been saving throughout my four years of college in anticipation of moving abroad to experience the culture, food and language of another country. I had always known that I would choose France. I went over as an au pair, and the first night there, I nearly had a panic attack. It dawned on me that I had traveled thousands of miles to a sleep in a strange bed, and live with a family that I had really, never met. The first week went fine, but by the end of the second week the mother stopped speaking to me. A week later, an emergency ticket back home (not covered by the family), and one night spent in the airport, I was on my way home. To say that I was absolutely devastated would be an understatement.

I was suddenly without my dream of living abroad, without a job, broke, and had bills waiting for me. On the flight, I was determined to keep my head held high. I've always believed that dressing the way you love helps assert confidence, and I decided to wear my favorite headband. It was the floral DVF Spring 2009 inspired one that I had made nearly a year ago (at that time). I received such a positive response from people in Heathrow that I began to wonder if I had a business opportunity. It was on the flight between London and San Francisco that Amberie was born. I took out a loan of $35 from my boyfriend, and four months later I got into my first store!

Now what inspires me are the things that I find beautiful. I love flowers. I particularly love wearing flowers in my hair. Flowers, feathers and sparkles. I think those three things pretty much sum up Amberie.

What is your most popular item?
You're never going to believe this: Black lace Bunny Headband, with black lace veil. They'll be out first thing October. Lady Gaga inspired that headband!

Anything else you want people to know about Amberie?
Amberie is a play on French vocabulary. In French, where things are created, such as a bakery, they often end in "rie". So, a boulangerie is a bakery. So Amberie, is my little area of creativity.

What do you think of Amberie? Don't forget to check out Amberie on Facebook!

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