Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pan Am Fashion

One of my favorite television shows is ABC's new hit drama, Pan Am.

CIA spies. Torrid romances. Family drama.

The show has it all.

Plus, it's basically a 1960s fashion show.

Even long before the show existed, I had always been in love with the glorified Pan Am uniform, as shown here on Christina Ricci.

There is something so modestly sexy about the beautiful trademark blue suit `nd crisp white gloves.

Here is my polyvore interpretation:

Pan Am

I was delighted to discover that you can purchase an official Pan Am bag on the company's website.

The Pan Am uniform is not the only lust-worthy look on the show. When the stewardesses are off-duty, they are adorned in deliciously retro sundresses, spectacular evening gowns, and form-fitting pencil skirts.

Here are a few outfits from the show:

Below are a couple outfits I put together, inspired by the show. I hope you like them.

1960s Fashion 1

1960s fashion 2

Do you watch Pan Am? What do you think of Pan Am style?

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