Friday, February 2, 2007

Bulgur Sheera

My craving and my eternal love affair with sweets is one thing that M frowns upon! He just cannot understand the longing I feel for a sweet after every meal... or at least after dinner, or for that matter even as an evening snack...
For most evenings I pop a small, and I do mean a small bit of chocolate in my mouth and chew surreptitiously so that it can go unnoticed. Feels kinda school girlish.... but hey! I get away with it!

Using Bulgur(coarse cracked wheat) to make sheera, was something I was totally unaware of until about 5 years ago. But now I have incorporated it in my diet for its obvious nutritional value and also for the fact that it fills the tummy easily!

To make this sheera (I guess one can call it stove-top pudding):

1 cup Bulgur
2 tsp . Ghee
2 1/2 cups Water
1 cup Jaggery
Mixed nuts (almonds, cashews, raisins, pistachios)
Cardamom Powder

Heat ghee in a wok, fry the nuts , remove and keep aside. Now,add the Bulgur and roast it.
Add water, mix well.
Cover and cook till the Bulgur is soft.
Mix in the jaggery, again cover and cook.
For the not-so-calorie-conscious, add a small dollop of ghee round the sides , cover and cook.
Once fully cooked, add cardamom powder and nuts .
Serve hot.

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