Sunday, March 4, 2012

Blogger Meet-Up

It is not often when I run into a blogger from my neck of the woods.

So, imagine my surprise when I discovered my friend Tara, from Musings of a Notorious Daydreamer, lives only 45 minutes away from me!

We had been blog friends for a while before we made the connection.

Of course when we put two and two together, the next logical step was to meet in person.

So, over the weekend, we met up for drinks and art.

I was delighted to discover Tara is just as sweet and intelligent in person, as she is through her writing. We got along famously right from the start!

After drinks and dinner, we went to a couple art galleries.

We also came across some really creepy performance art.

These strange people were smashing bread against the window and then serving it to patrons. I was handed one, and politely declined to eat it. I was horrified to see that others around me were nibbling on their slices. Ew!

After we hit the galleries, Tara and I walked over to meet up with a couple of my friends.

The night kind of took a wild turn from there. We went to a couple more bars and met up with some hot guys. There may or may not have been a male stripper involved. Ha!

Anyway, I was so pleased Tara got along with my besties! I'm super excited because Tara and I are already planning more fun things to do in the future! Yay!

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