Saturday, July 18, 2009

Delhi Indisk restaurant & bar – the new Indian place in town

In the last few months a few restaurants in Stavanger have closed down due to the economic situation in Stavanger. One of the restaurants that closed down was Soleado despite the fact that reviews were good. But it is great to see that new restaurants are popping up where the others have closed down. A few weeks back we heard that a new Indian place was going to open up in the same place where Soleado was located. When we came there on a weekday in mid-July, the first thing I noticed was the text on the window saying “A part of Indian Tandoori”. Indian Tandoori is one of the oldest (if not the oldest Indian restaurant in town) and we have been there many times to enjoy Indian food.

Delhi looks a lot more modern that Indian Tandoori that’s for sure and we got a table even if we didn’t have a reservation. Our waitress came over to ask us if we had made up our minds and we were a bit confused when she spoke in English…did she maybe just assume that we spoke English? Based on what she was speaking to one of her colleagues I would guess she was from Eastern Europe somewhere. We decided to go for (and I’m quoting the bill here) no. 32 Hariyali Lahsuni Tikka and no. 42 Malai Makhi Masala – with Lasani naan bread and rice on the side. One thing that our waitress forgot was to ask us if we wanted it mild or spicy.

The food came to our table pretty fast and my dish (the tikka) was pieces of chicken marinaded on garlic served on onion, a salad on the side and a sauce to go along with it. The chicken was very good indeed but the onion that it was served on was not fried long enough so it had not gotten to the stage where it turns nice and sweet. It would also have been nice to have the sauce a bit more on the spicy side. Nikki seemed pleased with her masala but she also commented on the fact that she would have liked to have it spicier. We did not get the naan bread to start with and we just assumed that they had forgotten about it and we didn’t bother asking for it as it looked like there was enough food. But halfway through our meal we got it. The naan bread was a bit different from what we are used to from Indian Tandoori…and it was not as good as the one that we are used to.

All in all we had to pay 515 kroner for the meal including a glass of red wine. I’m sure we will go back as the location is convenient in connection with going to the movies in Stavanger and the food was pretty good. You can find a bit more information on - hopefully the menu will be posted here eventually :-)

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