Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Mutekiya Ramen Ikebukuro (無敵家ラーメン池袋)

This is another instance where the presence of a long line was the main draw! Freezing night, but a 30 minute line must mean great ramen... or so we hope.
While waiting in line, they pass out menus so that you can order before you sit down.
The ramen menu is pretty extensive - here's the menu of 12 toppings. The egg and fried garlic looks great.
Here's the story of their ramen...
Now I'm at the front of the line; I've already ordered. Just a couple more minutes...
This is a pretty cool wok they have nailed to the door. Just decoration, but it describes some of the ramen options.
FINALLY I'm sitting down! Note that everyone who enters the store MUST order a ramen. I you're not eating, you can't go in. No sharing here. Here's a look at the available condiments. Note the fresh garlic you squeeze yourself.
Since I'd pre-ordered, the food came within 3 minutes. This is the 800 yen Kani Miso Ramen - this FIRST time I've ever seen a CRAB GUTS ramen! The soup is flavored by the greenish yellow crab guts you find in the crab shell. It's really interesting and pretty good!!! The chashu was super soft and warm, one of the best. The fried garlic also tastes great.
The egg was exceptional - it was smoked and perfectly boiled so that the yolk is exactly half solid.
Here's the business cards, top and bottom.
Mutekiya is great, I'd definitely stop by again - just for the eggs even - but a 30 min wait in the cold was a bit excessive.

Click here for the official restaurant's link Japanese
Click here for the official restaurant's link in English, Korean and simplified Chinese
Click here for a Japanese review

1-17-1 Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo-to
東京都豊島区南池袋1-17-1 崎本ビル
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Phone: 03-3982-7656

Everyday: 10:30am to 04:00am

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